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TOPIC: Some Ideas and Request

Some Ideas and Request 3 years 8 months ago #4368

Hello everyone!

I really enjoy Mega Man 2.5D! It is very challenging and Co-Op is a blast!!!
I wanted to say a few things, that I would love to see added to this engine...
like a level editor and a way for users to construct their own Story/Co-Op mode.

Instead of the developers doing extra work to add more to the story and build new levels,
we could be given the material to do it ourselves. Basically, add the rest of the
robot masters, stage tiles, etc and also, insert cut scenes and willy style stage
intros from Mega Man 2-10.

I'd like to see the PC fan made NES version of Mega Man 7 & 8 stuff added as well!
I see a lot of potential in this project and happy the owner of this series continues
to let this project grow! And I hope at least of couple of my Ideas are implemented. lol

And Thank you Team Mega Man 2.5D!!!
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Some Ideas and Request 3 years 8 months ago #4391


Glad you hear that you've enjoyed the game, and thank you for playing :)

I like your suggestions, however these would be very hard changes to implement. Luckily, Mega Maker is available now and is a great tool for making your own levels. Who knows, maybe they'll even implement some way of making your own cutscenes and things like that eventually.

It is definitely a possibility that we'll add some content from the NES fan remakes of 7 and 8 at some point since we intend to keep supporting Mega Man 2.5D for years to come :) So overall we definitely want to make sure to include some of the games that aren't yet represented in Mega Man 2.5D.
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