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TOPIC: List of ideas that could be implemented please :)

List of ideas that could be implemented please :) 3 years 11 months ago #3865

I've thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the game including every possible bit of detail and the incredible amount of work that was coded into the composition of this game. But is there a way you can make a patch that has more than just the typical 8 bosses and/or add a plentiful amount of more content to the game please? As an example, I would like to see 16 bosses instead before I get to the Wiley levels.

Here is a list of additional ideas I would like done as a fan:

(1) Allow an option that lets you pick different skins for Megaman, Roll, Protoman,and Bass on the character select screen. The skins would be from Megaman 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc you get the point. This would be nice if you guys could implement this.

(2) Make a special stage somewhere on the boss select menu that is only unlockable after beating the 16 bosses. At the end of this stage you would fight 2 bosses (their AI wouldn't be too difficult, as long as they had a pattern of attacks that easily could be avoided through the practice of trial and error).

(3) Include a charge attack for all playable characters and it does the same equal damage for all characters.

(4) Bass would use Treble instead of rush (I'm sure everyone would appreciate that)

(5) Add more achievements to the game that we can unlock. Would be nice if we had around 15 achievements total. That would come into play given the new amount of boss levels and bosses that could be used with in those new levels.

(6) Upon playing co-op mode, when a party member dies, the level persists while the remaining teammate is alive until he/she dies again.

(7) Allow online playing mode, I know this is complicated. Say for instance when you choose "online mode" from the main menu and then it gives you an option to create a room that is "public" or "private". Public mode means anyone can come in or you could set it to "private" mode where you must invite someone through the use of TCP/IP.

Thanks for your time guys, if this could get done I would appreciate it. I can also donate to get the ball rolling :P


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List of ideas that could be implemented please :) 3 years 11 months ago #3890


glad to hear you've enjoyed what we've done with Mega Man 2.5D!

About adding more robot masters to the game, this is something that we plan on doing, however these robot masters will be added as extras that are separate from the main story mode. There are several reasons for this, one being that if the main story contains for example 16 bosses, I think that would make the game so long that few people would ever reach the Wily stages, especially in co-op mode where the stages are even longer than in single-player. There are other reasons too, for example that the boss rematch room in Wily 4 would need to be adjusted to fit more teleporters, and that cycling between weapons would take a lot longer if there were that many more weapons to choose from. We'd also have to tweak weapon weaknesses for all enemies and robot masters in the game. So I think that we'll stick to having 8 robot masters in the main story mode.

1. I'm not sure if we'll implement a skin feature, however we do have plans to add additional playable characters besides the ones that are currently available :)

2. It is definitely a possibility that we will add something like this at some point, since we do want to keep adding content to the game.

3. This likely will not happen, because we like for there to be some differences between the characters. However we have discussed the possibility of adding the charge attack to Proto Man. So that both he and Mega Man has it.

4. Yeah, more people have requested this :) Adding treble is definitely something that we want to do. This will likely be included in a bigger v1.1 update that we put out sometime next year.

5. We have plans for more achievements, so this too is likely something that will be in the v1.1 update.

6. This will likely not change, the reason is that the co-op levels are designed in such a way that several places require two players for you to be able to progress. So if one player is dead, the other player will not be able to keep going.

7. Online play is something that we'd really like to add. We've actually been in talks with two guys who were interested in adding online capabilities to the game. Unfortunately, this hasn't panned out, but we still hope that we'll be able to add online play to the game at some point!

Regarding donations, since Mega Man 2.5D is a fan-game we don't accept donations. This is just something that we do for fun so that other Mega Man fans can play and hopefully get enjoyment out of it :)
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List of ideas that could be implemented please :) 3 years 10 months ago #4353

just as an example, something like this. I made this with simple paint from Windows.

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