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TOPIC: Sniper Joes

Sniper Joes 4 years 2 weeks ago #3504

This game is fairly well balanced and has some great level design that would definitely fit in an official megaman game. One thing that bugs, however, are the sniper Joes. Their design in the previous megaman games has always been a sort of "advanced enemy" being one of the first introduced to you which you can't just shoot head on but instead, half to wait for an opening. Generally there is a pause before they starting shooting, leaving an opening for you to shoot a few bullets before they fire a few shots your way. These Joes, I've noticed, leave no chance to shoot before they begin shooting themselves, making them a but more challenging than they would be in previous games. Again, this isn't game breaking or anything just my two cents on something very minor
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Sniper Joes 4 years 2 weeks ago #3510

About Joes. I tested quickly through MM1,2,9 and 10 and I did notice that yes, you are right. On each game the Joes lower their shield and then fire, allowing you to get a few pot shots in. On 2 and onwards the Joe's have a shield lowering animation which during they're vulnerable to attacks, on MM1 they simply have just an animation for standing and shooting like our Joes but they indeed do take a brief moment to aim before shooting even on MM1.

I can't say for sure if this is intentional or not though as I do know our enemies do not always follow the patterns or formulas of the originals purposefully. Tatepakkans for example have more health than they do on MM5 because they simply look like they could be more beefy than they actually were on their original game. These things have been intentional but I can't say how it is with Joe's.

Nice one to point out though, I honestly would like us to use the later MM-series animations instead of the MM1 one. I like the shield lowering animation they got on later games. Kinda would also like the MM10's machine gun joes.

EDIT: Btw : You can shoot through the shields if you get close to them and fire like on MM10. Works also on Tatepakkans. As of 1.0.1 it only works on some Joe's though. If I remember right it was related to which way they spawn, funnily enough. Quick Boomerang goes also around them and Laser Trident just passes through the shield.
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Sniper Joes 4 years 2 weeks ago #3513

Nice find Gabe4Gaming. Like Foxxie said, sometimes we do intentionally make some things differ from the original games for different reasons. But in the case of the Sniper Joes, it's just an oversight on our part. I'll add this to our list, and we should be able to tweak them for the v1.1 release that we expect to put out later this year.
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Sniper Joes 4 years 1 week ago #3556

We did some work for the Joe's now and I checked the proper delay values using MM2 as a base. We should be able to push in the proper delays for Joe's shielding and firing for the upcoming 1.0.2, but the animations do have to wait till later.

Thanks for the suggestion ~
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