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23 Jul 2018 11:24
Helloes there nomad716 !

We have had similar issues happening in the past, and we have actually a section about this problem alone on our FAQ page! But, a long story short, here is a thread for example about an issue as you've had : petersjostrand.com/index.php/forum/bugs-...r-stick-4096-problem

The solution to this problem there was to check the "Hide DS4 Controller" option as shown on this image: petersjostrand.com/media/kunena/attachments/1990/ds4.jpg

I hope...
Category: Bugs & problems
22 Jul 2018 10:29
I am having problems setting this game up with a ps4 controller. I am on windows 10 and using ds4 and I have everything configured on ds4 but wont work

I would start the game then with ds4 open in the background I would alt+tab to ds4 and setup the controllers the way I like them then alt+tab back to the game and nothing will happen. I’ve try different programs like joy2key, xpadder and d360 and all nothing

when I try to set it up through the game it just goes stick: 4096-

Category: Bugs & problems
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