- You can now use e-tanks directly on the weapon menu that you bring up on the side of the screen (the one that pauses the game while you have it open)
- There is now a dedicated e-tank button that you can bind in the controller settings. When pressing the button, you will instantly use an e-tank without having to pause the game.

- Added a "Self-Destruct" option that as the name suggests will cause you to self-destruct. Now, If someone happens to encounter a bug that makes them unable to progress through a stage, they can now use self-destruct as a last resort. This can be particulary useful in the Wily stages since otherwise you could find yourself having to replay all of them if you were to get stuck.
- Added a Time Attack mode where you can choose to replay specific stages in the game. This mode can be accessed from the title screen after you've completed the game at least once.
- Fixed a bug in Wily 4 where if opened up the Quick menu at the same time that you used a teleporter,the game would soft lock. (Thanks to @desire_master)
- Fixed issue in Wily 1 where sometimes, you would simply pass through the stage boss without taking any damage, even when you should take damage.
- Fixed issue in Wily 3 where on a particular conveyor next to a ladder, the conveyor could glitch out and alternate between moving left and right instead of always moving in one direction like it should.
- Slightly limited the max falling speed for the playable characters in the game (very subtle change). This was mainly done in order to resolve the issue of players sometimes getting stuck inside of meshes during big drops. As a result, the falling speed more closely resembles that in the original games.
- Added two more images created by fans of the game to the in-game gallery. (Thanks to @PizzaStart and Kevin Broadway)
- Fixed a rare issue where the game may crash when you tried to call Rush Coil in certain situations.
- Fixed a rare crash that occurred with spikes and bubbles being too friendly.
- Fixed a game crashing issue in the unlockable stage where the game would crash if you were in a slide state and hit a wall of mines in the water-section.
- Fixed a crash issue where in the Nitro Man VS-stage, if you started to slide into the moving truck just before it hits you, then the game would crash. (Thanks to 4matsy)
- Hitting the secret boss as it spawns when playing as a certain character would cause a soft-lock. (Thanks to MiskonceptioN!)
- Hitting the secret boss as it spawns with a Pharaoh Shot would cause a soft-lock. (Thanks to joanthedark)
- Adjusted the cutscene before the Wily stages and the cutscene in the last stage so that you can now skip them to some extent.
- Charging the Charge Shot and swapping to Time Stop would allow you to infinitely shoot Charge Shots, this is no longer possible. (Thanks to SourDiesel420!)
- Tweaked it so that you can grab ladders lower down, more in line with how it works in the original games. Because of this, we also had to slightly shorten a couple of ladders in the game.
- The Music options and Misc options are now saved instead of being reset every time you start the game.
- Fixed issue where in the last fight of the game where if you played with remixed music then you didn't get to hear the full track because it started looping too soon. Now it's more epic.
- Fixed issue with music looping in the challenge stage. The loop should now be seamless.
- Fixed an issue with the boss fight in Wily 2 co-op where big bubbles would still be around even after the boss had been defeated. And if you were unlucky, you could end up on one without player control, and as a result then get killed by the spike ceiling. (Thanks to Stanislaw Krall!)
- Fixed issue in Star Man's co-op stage where if you are in the boss hallway and enter the boss room with one player running on top of the other players head, Star Man won't spawn, and the players will just keep running until they hit the right corner of the room. The trigger-box for spawning Star Man wasn't tall enough to reach both players. This has now been resolved. (Thanks to Dante!)
- Fixed an issue in Wily 2 single-player a bit into checkpoint 2. There's a part with ladders and a Met enemy at the top. You're supposed to drop from the ladder and land on the same platform that the Met is on. Before, even if you missed the platform, instead of falling down you may land on the side of the wall and be able to do a wall jump. This is no longer possible.
- Adjusted a spike hit-box in Wily 2 single-player just after the first axis change in the stage where there is a big drop. You can now stand close to the edge, jump up, hit your head on the ceiling and then steer to the left without being cheaply killed by the mine that is just above you on the side of the wall. (Thanks to MiskonceptioN!)
- Fixed an issue in the challenge stage where you could use a combination of Rush Coil and Tornado Blow to go out of bounds in the underwater section of the stage.
- Fixed a ladder issue in Shadow Man co-op. Before, when you reached the top of the first ladder that you get to after the mini-boss, you could easily fall off the ladder. This should no longer happen. (Thanks to Terasedward!)
- Fixed an issue with a ceiling mesh at Shadow Man co-op checkpoint one. The ceiling over two Peterchy enemies there was mistakenly labeled as a lava pit, meaning that if you were to jump up and hit your head on that ceiling, you'd die instantly. (Thanks to Average Joe!)
- Just before checkpoint 2 in Shadow Man's single-player stage there is a big drop where you have to jump on two green things while you make your way down. Made the textures on these a bit brighter to make it more clear that these are not background elements, also made a couple of other tweaks to the textures. Made the same adjustments for these objects in the co-op Shadow Man stage. (Thanks to Nico)
- In the final Wily stage in single-player it was possible to bypass the activation of a certain camera towards the end of the stage, this has now been resolved.
- Rush Jet and Rush Coil were using unintended buster code. They now use the appropriate for all characters (including shot and damage limits).
- Fixed issue with the first ladder that you get to after the first axis change in Star Man's single-player stage. Before it could happen that your character showed up behind the ladder instead of being in front of it.
- In Star Man's single-player stage you were able to reach a place that you shouldn't be able to reach by jumping and using the Tornado Blow special weapon to give yourself an additional boost, this is no longer the case.
- Changed the description for the "Trusty Sidearm" achievement from "Defeat the 8 robot masters using only the Mega Buster." to "Defeat the 8 robot masters without using special weapons.", as not all playable characters use the Mega Buster. (Thanks to dracoblue!)
- Changed the description and requirement for the "Weakness" achievement slightly to make it more of an actual challenge.
- In Tornado Man's single-player stage and the last Wily single-player stage there are places where you slide around a corner, and if you were to change directions right after these changes, you could easily fall off of the stage and die. We've now put invisible walls in those two places in order to keep this from happening.
- Copipis (the smaller Pipis that spawn from eggs dropped by the Pipi enemy) can now spawn powerups when defeated. (Thanks to ???)
- Rebuilt a couple of environment meshes in Wily 3 single-player just in case they were able to cause the issues where if you fall from a great height and land on the corner of them you'd get stuck.
- Rebuilt an environment mesh in the Wily 3 co-op stage that a player got stuck in when dropping down near the beginning of the stage. This issue is now resolved. (Thanks to dracoblue!)
- Rebuilt a couple of environment meshes in Wily 4 single-player and co-op where if you landed om them when falling at a great speed you could get stuck inside of them, and be unable to do anything, forcing you to replay the Wily castle from the start. (Thanks to SleepyTony!)
- Fixed an issue where in Star Man's single-player stage, the sign with the "Dr. W" symbol was missing from the boss hallway leading up to the fight.
- Rebuilt two environment meshes in the Wily 2 co-op stage that players could get stuck inside of when dropping down near the beginning of the stage. This issue is now resolved. (Thanks to DayDreaminDave!)
- Tweaked the Quick menu (the in-game weapon menu that you can bring up on the side of the screen). There is now a border separating the 1up and etank at the bottom, and the positions of their respective icons and numbers have been tweaked. Before, the 1up and E-tank numbers didn't even line up
- Fixed an issue where it was possible to use an E-tank after dying, before the screen has completely faded to black.
- If you had Rush Coil or Jet equipped and shot projectiles, if you then tried to change to a different special weapon while the projectiles were still visible on screen, they would not get cleared out.
- Fixed issue at the start of Wily 1 single-player were if you summoned Rush Coil over the pit next to the starting area, Rush would get stuck on the bottom of the screen.
- Fixed issue at the first chase sequence of the Wily 1 single-player boss were if you summoned Rush Coil over the pit in that part, Rush would get stuck on the bottom of the screen.
- Fixed issue with the Sniper Joe enemy where sometimes you would not be able to shoot through his shield when standing really close.
- Tweaked Sniper Joe behavior, they now behave more like they do in the original games.
- Fixed an issue with a ladder in Shadow Man's single-player stage where sometimes Mega Man would end up behind the ladder, due to it being a bit too close to the camera.
- Fixed an issue with a wide spike ceeling during the first underwater section in Wily 2 single-player where if summoned, Rush Jet would sometimes get stuck on those spikes, instead of passing through like he should before materializing.
- Fixed issue in Shadow Man's stage where the Time Slow weapon would cause issues with the lava raft when it's falling down.
- Fixed issue with the Taban enemy (the flying enemy that clings to the ceiling in Wily 3) where it would be invisible for one frame when playing a certain animation.
- The game no longer pauses when it loses focus.
- Fixed pharaoh shot, to shoot in a diagonal you just have to press up or down
- Fixed an issue with two of the checkpoints in Snake Man's co-op stage where the players could fairly easily end up not triggering at least one of them, leading to later being unable to complete the stage. (Thanks to Flashman85!)
- Minor change made to Wily 5 single-player. Checkpoint 1 now triggers before the cutscene in that stage, instead of after the cutscene which used to be the case.
- Tweaked the position of a Dachone (the big robot that shoots lasers) enemy in Star Man's single-player stage. Due to its faulty position before, if it were to drop a powerup, that powerup would likely fall off the stage.




- Fixed a crash bug where if you died on the second phase of the fight against the Wily Machine near the end of the game, the game could crash.
- Fixed a crash bug where if you died near an active Shotman enemy (an enemy only seen in Time Man's stage), the game could crash.
- Fixed a crash bug where if playing in co-op mode the game would crash once you reached a robot master if Player 2 was playing as Mega Man.
- Fixed a crash bug where if you killed Punk AND died in the same frame(!) the game would crash (Thanks to hanryang1125!).
- Attemped to fix a bug where if you died by falling into a pit in Wily 2, the game may crash. Right now we can't say for sure if this is fixed or not, so if you happen to get this bug in release 1.0.1, please let us know (Thanks to hanryang1125!)
- Fixed an issue with not being able to start a slide while in tip toe state, the character would just jump or do nothing instead of doing a slide (Thanks to TheDoc!)
- Fixed a bug where when turning the second corner in the final single-player stage, if you did not hold right at the time, the character would default to facing the wrong direction, and you would very easily die because of it.
- Fixed an issue where if you had played VS-mode, then left vs-mode to play co-op then friendly fire would still be active from when you played vs-mode
- Fixed a bug where if you had saved in a game slot and then after that had tried getting the trusty sidearm-achievement then you couldn't get that.
- Fixed an issue towards the end of Tornado Man's single player stage. Before the axis change there is a section with 3 long platforms and a giree enemy on each. If you did the slide move under those platforms. Mega Man could easily get into a slide that was too long, and then just keep sliding until the end of the platform. This should no longer be the case.
- Reworked the room with the special letter and removed the pushable block from there. As this was the only pushable block that you encounter in the single-player mode, one could easily think that you're supposed to destroy the block using one of the special weapons. Because of this, the block has been removed and replaced by a gap that you slide through, hopefully making it more clear that you're supposed to come from the other direction to get the letter, as well as getting rid of any potential confusion regarding the pushable block.
- Attemped to resolve an issue with the player getting stuck when falling into meshes on certain spots in Quick Man's stage (Thanks to Calebhart42!)
- Fixed an issue where at some places in Star Man's stage, you could make use of the low gravity together with the effect of the Tornado Blow special weapon in order to go out of bounds and fall off the stage (Thanks to RedFoxxie!)
- Fixed an issue where in Tornado Man's single-player stage, it was possible to trigger the two elevator rides and then quickly slide out of the elevator again before the doors closed, leaving you unable to continue on (Thanks to RedFoxxie!)
- We don't pause the game during the cutscene before Wily stages, which should help to prevent the bug where Mega would just go through the stage, also, the control is given back until Wily 1 begins, preventing the bug where players could mash the buttons and freeze it.
- Fixed a glitch with Pharaoh Shot where it wouldn't hit enemies in a specific axis in a ladder
- Fixed an issue where a certain playable character wouldn't get covered in ink after being hit by a projectile from the Octone enemy in Splash Woman's stage.



- Added all of the remaining stages for the single-player and co-op modes (Tornado Man, Time Man, and Dr. Wily's fortress stages). These modes are now fully playable!
- Added a VS-mode with 8 different arenas/stages based on various Mega Man stages not seen in the single-player and co-op modes of the game. Two different VS-mode game types are available, Death Match and Point Chase.
- Added a Save/Load mechanic, it is now possible to save and load your progress in both single-player mode and co-op mode. The save slots are separate for each mode.
- Optimized the game engine a lot. The game now runs faster and should run at a stable 60fps on most rigs.
- Improved camera behavior for all stages in the game. Especially noticable in single-player mode where the camera doesn't scroll upwards as often when Mega Man jumps, unless it is necessary.
- Improved textures and fixed faulty texture mapping for all stages in the game.
- Improved the player physics. Now the small step (tippy toeing) that you can do when quickly pushing left or right looks and feels much more like it does in the original games. Also you can no longer instantly switch between running for example left to running right without having a small pause, which is also how it works in the original games.
- Improvements made to player physics during moving water platforms (Splash Woman's stage), raft ride (Shadow Man's stage) and snake ride (Snake Man's co-op stage)
- Fixed the one frame delay when using other controller than keyboard.
- Changed the color of the life and weapon energy bars. They now look closer to the original games in terms of color choices.
- Redid the weapon select menu for the game. It now looks better, and is easier to bee than before.
- Added more remixed music, swapped out a few existing remixed tracks in order to try and keep the soundtrack a bit more coherent.
- Adjusted special weapon weaknesses for all enemy types in the game.
- Fixed issue where if you played as a certain secret character and used a throwing weapon (e.g, Shadow Blade) while on a ladder, the sprite of the character would display the wrong color.
- Improved the easy-mode and hard-mode of the game. These modes now differ more clearly from the normal-mode in terms of the number of enemies, the number of environmental hazards such as spikes and pits, as well as the number and types of power up items that can be found throughout the game.
- Fixed minor issue with the weapon icon for some of the special weapons.
- Changed the names of the music options in the game to "Original" and "Remix"
- Fixed issue in Splash Woman's single-player stage where an Okosutobon enemy (the floating mine enemy) could easily get stuck on an invisible wall while chasing the player.
- Fixed issue with the last Dachone (the big robot) enemy in Star Man's single-player stage. Before, if he dropped a powerup, it would fall off the stage, the enemy was positioned too close to the edge of the stage.
- Fixed issue with the third checkpoint in Snake Man's co-op stage where the players would spawn inside of a wall and thus be unable to progress.
- Fixed issue with some of the environment meshes in all of the stages, this issue made it possible for you to jump on the side of some walls and then use that as a point to jump off from, sort of like a wall jump. This was resolved by merging many such meshes.
- Removed the first pushable block that you encounter in Shadow Man's co-op stage, the reason being that this block was originally put there back when Shadow Man co-op was the only playable stage in the game. As such we used that first pushable block as kind of an introduction to that game mechanic. But
since we now have several stages in the game, that one pushable block in Shadow Man's co-op stage no longer served much of a purpose.
- Made the green color for the Search Snake special weapon slightly darker, so that it doesn't look too much like the special weapon Tornado Blow. Furthermore, Tornado Blow uses a dark green and light green color palette whereas in the original game it used a dark green and white palette.
- Changed it so that the 1-up sprite always shows Mega Man's face instead of alternating between that and Proto Man's face like before, the reason being that we now have more playable characters, so using a generic sprite seemed like the best option.
- Changed the color of Dr. Light's pants in the intro video from magenta to blue, which is his more common pants color in the original games.
- Added Rush to the intro video, he is shown being hurt by falling debris during the attack against Dr. Light's laboratory.
- Made the entrance to the hidden room of Star Man's singe-player stage a bit more easy to spot.
- Fixed sprite issue for a certain secret playable character where the white explosion that can be seen when taking a hit was black instead of white, provided that the character was covered in ink while being hurt, something that can occur in Splash Woman's stage.
- Improved the sprite for the Sphinx miniboss in Pharaoh Man's stage.
- Made slight modification to Quick Man's single-player stage layout in order to place an optional item there.
- Tweaked behaviors for some of the enemies that were in the previous releases of the game. This is especially noticable in the stages like Shadow Man and Snake Man that were built early in the development, as we weren't as careful about getting the enemy behavior right then. Some of them are still a bit off and will be tweaked further at a later time.
- Fixed issue with checkpoint 1 in Shadow Man's co-op stage where if you tried to backtrack, a door and pushable button wouldn't show up, also fixed a camera issue related to it where if you did try and backtrack, the camera would get messed up and the players would be unable to progress through the stage.
- Fixed issue at the second big bubble part of Splash Woman's co-op stage. There were two mines that were left inside of another mesh by mistake. As a result, if a player pressed against the seemingly normal mesh, he would die as he collided with one of the invisible mines.
- Fixed issue with a gap that you slide through right before the boss hallway in Splash Woman's co-op stage. Before it would sometimes happen that your character would stand up while in the gap. This should no longer be an issue as we merged some of those meshes that make up that part.
- The life bar for the bosses no longer starts filling up as soon as the robot masters appear on screen, and instead waits until they've finished posing, like in the original games.
- Changed the font used in the game to one that scales better.
- Fixed issue with text overlapping itself when running the game at certain resolutions.
- Added the names of the robot masters under their respective boss portrait on the stage select screen.
- Moved Checkpoint 1 for Pharaoh Man single-player slightly. Now if you fail to access the alternate path in that stage, you can die on purpose and get to attempt it again without having to replay the stage all the way from the beginning.
- Improved the sprite for the Mega Snakey enemy (the ones that you ride on in Snake Man's stage). Also added blinking animations for them, so now they blink instead of just staring like before.
- The number of meshes making up the stages in the game have been optimized and merged as much as possible, drastically reducing the number of meshes. For example, Snake Man's co-op stage prior to this was made up of more than 1300 meshes, now down to less than 700 meshes.
- Changed the sprite used for the water splash effect from the one used in Mega Man 2 to the one used in Mega Man 5. As a result, the water splashes now look better.
- Added mod support, it is now possible to modify character sprites! Check the forum for more information about this.
- Changed Sniper Joe enemy so that his behavior continues even if he goes out of frame. Before, if he for example shot 2 out of 3 projectile and you made him go off screen, when he would later come back into screen, he would then shoot his 3rd projectile, regardless of how much time had passed.
- The hammer thrown by the Hammer Joe enemy now deflects buster projectiles, as well as laser tridents.
- Made it so that sound effects can't overlap each other too much. Otherwise it would be possible for certain sound effects to overlap themselves many times, resulting in it being really loud compared to everything else.
- Fixed problem where if you jumped while sliding, the SFX that plays upon landing would play as soon the player jumped.
- Fixed problem with the pause menu losing alignment.
- Fixed problem where it was possible to walk while using the Pharaoh Shot special weapon.
- Having the Star Crash special weapon active and colliding with the steam obstacle that come out of certain pipes in Splash Woman's stage would cause the game to crash, which is funny considering the name of the special weapon causing the crash.
- Fixed problem where some enemies in the game (e.g, Mets, Petit Snakey) would always target Player 2 in co-op, even if Player 1 was closer to it.
- Fixed issue where the Megasnakeys (The big snakes you ride on in Snake Man's stage) could push the Potton enemies (the red flying enemies) upon colliding with them.
- Fixed issue where the Dada enemy (The enemy in Snake Man's stage that jumps a lot) could jump on top of the invisible meshes that we use to trigger a player death if the player falls into a pit.
- Switched the placement of the life energy bar and weapon energy bar, they were placed incorrectly before compared to the original games.
- Highlighting a difficulty option on the title screen now shows visually what the player can expect in terms of changes, this is shown in a similar fashion in Mega Man 10.
- Fixed issue where items such as Life refills and weapon refills could land on the invisible meshes that we use for killing the player if he falls into death pits.
- Added the functionality to spawn things such as death pit meshes and regular meshes when the player reaches a certain coordinate. This is used for a couple of different things. For example during the Megasnakey ride (The big orange and purple snakes) in Snake Man's co-op stage, as the players progress through that section and get higher up, we then spawn death pit meshes (invisible meshes that kill the players if they fall into pits) higher up, meaning that if the players fall off the snakes, we can make sure to kill them, rather than risk them landing on a mesh further down that is out of sight,
but which wouldn't allow them to progress anyway. This way of spawning meshes is also very useful for our camera perspective changes. For example, before in Pharaoh Man's single-player stage,
when you change axis shortly after the miniboss fight with the sphinx, you would be able to see all the way back to the beginning of the stage as the camera turned, but, now we spawn a black wall there
which covers that up.
- Tweaked the checkpoint after the Space Ship segment in Star Man's single-player stage. Now it activates as soon as you reach the end of the ship segment. So if you were to land the ship but then
fall off the platform and die, you won't have to replay that entire part.
- The color of the boss health bar is now unique to each robot master, it now matches the color scheme of the robot master instead of using a generic color like before.
- Quick Man and Pharaoh Man are more agressive at the start of their boss fights and will begin to attack instantly, instead of waiting a while like they did before.
- The game now remembers which character you used when clearing a stage, so when you get back to the stage select screen to go to the next stage, it no longer reverts to Mega Man as default.
- The blinking arrow on the right teleporter on the stage select in single-player mode no longer blinks, as there is no second player in that mode.
- Fixed issue with the music that plays during boss battles. Before the boss music would not loop seamlessly if the battle went on for a long time, now it does.
- Made the frame surrounding the robot master health bars slightly thicker to make it easier to see how much of their health remains.
- Improvements made to Star Man's boss pattern, he now behaves more like he does in Mega Man 5.
- Hitboxes for Sasoreenu (Green scorpion enemy) in Pharaoh Man's stage moved down slightly, it's now easier to jump over them.
- Fixed a bug where the Walking Bomb enemy in Shadow Man's stage would explode if it ran into the player.
- Fixed a bug where before, it was possible to slide through the steam obstacles in Splash Woman's stage without getting pushed back.
- The special weapon Star Crash no longer blocks certain projectiles (E.g, Pharaoh Man's attacks.)
- Before, if you did the slide move during a part where the camera allowed for scrolling in Y position, the camera would shift slightly in Y position since the hitbox for the player when he slides is smaller, we've now added an offset for that so that the camera will not shift even when you slide.
- Fixed issue in Snake Man's co-op stage where if one player was far ahead of the other in the boss hallway, it was possible for the boss fight to glitch out so that the boss never spawned.
- Tweaked camera for Splash Woman's boss fight in co-op mode. Before, the camera was a bit too zoomed out during this boss fight, compared to the other boss fights.
- Fixed an issue with Pharaoh Shot where if you're hit while you have a fully charged Pharaoh Shot charged up, you could discharge it even after having lost it. This is actually how it functions in the original Mega Man 4 as well, but we're fairly certain that the reason for it is due to a bug in the original game, as if would make little sense otherwise.
- Fixed an issue with the Space Ship section of Star Man's stage where before, you could leave the screen, killing you. Now, the ship stops if you get close to the edge.
- Higher quality rips than before for certain sound effects, for example when you use Shadow Blade.
- Sprite improvements and new color palette for the Snakey miniboss in Shadow Man's co-op stage.
- Reworked a part of Snake Man's single-player stage that made use of a pushable block before. This seemed out of place as it is the only time in single-player mode that the pushable block is used as a game mechanic. It is now only in the co-op mode of the game where it is used more frequently.
- The spaceship in Star Man's stage now has its own type of projectile instead of using the regular buster.
- Tweaked the angle of one of Shadow Man's Shadow Blades that he throws at you during his boss fight. It's a bit steeper now, making it a bit more fair when you're trying to dodge it by jumping.
- Fixed an issue with the quick sand in Pharaoh Man's stage where previously. There would sometimes be a slight delay before you actually started sinking into it.
- Made the raft ride in Shadow Man's co-op stage slightly shorter, as Shadow Man's co-op stage was too long before compared to the other co-op stages.
- Added a sound effect for when you hit a shootable button in the game, to make it more clear that something is happening.
- Fixed issue where you could grab ladders too low down on the non-starting axis in single-player stages.
- If there are any small fish on screen when you defeat Splash Woman, these now get destroyed along with her.
- Search snakes will now be blocked by the Sniper Joe enemies if they are shielding themself, instead of just passing right through them which used to be the case.
- Made it so that Search Snakes can no longer climb on invisible walls that we use in a couple of spots throughout the game.
- The background during the boss introduction that follows the stage and character select now animates instead of being a single static image like before.
- Made some change to Snake Man's behavior to make him act a bit more like the does in Mega Man 3. Also resolved an issue where his search snakes would
get deleted if they collided with the door that you enter his boss room through. Now his search snakes are able to keep traveling all the way up to the ceeling.
- Made the Fire snakey miniboss in Shadow Man co-op purple instead of orange like before to make him stand out a bit more from the rest of the stage.
- The color of Snake Man's snakes that he throws at you during the fight now have their own green color which matches that of Snake Man himself, instead of using the darker green color that the player(s) search snakes use.

Beta V.4.0.1



- Fixed problem where Star Man's shield would disappear during the boss fight against him.
- Tweaking made to the spaceship part of Star Man's stage, it's a bit more fair now.
- Some texture tweaks made to Star Man's single-player stage, most notable change is the borders of the gravity fields which now have flashing lights, in order to make it more clear that these fields effect the player(s).
- Added a weakness for the Quick Man miniboss against Shadow Blade, and [REDACTED].
- Player Pharaoh Shot projectile spawn position tweaked, looks much better now.
- The entrance to the hidden room in Star Man's single player stage is now not quite as obvious.
- Adjusted spawn positions for the scorpion enemies in Pharaoh Man's co-op stages, before they spawned too high up.
- Lowered the platform you must jump to over the second Scworm-enemy on Quick Man's single-player stage slightly, as it was perhaps a bit too difficult before.
- Raised the ceeling spikes just after checkpoint 3 in Quick Man co-op up a bit to make the jump a bit less punishing, also tweaked the ladder you jump to slightly.
- Set the default sfx and music volume to 50 instead of 25.
- Fixed a couple of volume issues for music and sfx.
- Changed the behavior of the Sphinx miniboss slightly, also reduced its health slightly.
- Added remixed songs for Pharaoh Man's stage, Quick Man's stage, as well as a couple of other things like the "weapon get" screen, all remixes made by RushJet1.
- the Space Met enemy in Star Man's stage now bounce off of walls instead of going through them.
- Switched places for the 1-up and E-tank in Pharaoh Man's single-player stage, in order to give the player more incentive to take the alternate path in the stage.
- Added another Battonton/Bat enemy during the Hover ride just before the boss fight in Pharaoh Man's single-player stage.
- Fixes issue where during the space ship part in Star Man's single-player and co-op stages, asteroid obstacles and a couple of enemies would spawn too close to the player and appear to pop into existence if the player stayed far to the left of the screen.
- Fixed bug where you could damage the Mummira enemy in Pharaoh Man's stage even when it was in hiding.
- Fixed issue with the music where the volume would sometimes be too high at the start of a track, before correcting about 1-2 seconds into the track.
- Fixed issue with the Star Crash special weapon where it wouldn't let you fire the shield in any direction you wanted to from a ladder, and instead just shot it in the most recent direction that the player was facing, prior to grabbing the ladder.
- Added another little easter egg in Star Man's single-player stage, it's pretty hard to spot.
- Slowed down a quick beam during the second quick beam part in Quick Man's co-op stage slightly, before it was too difficult to get to the optional 1-up.

Beta V.4.0



- Added single-player and co-op stages for Pharaoh Man, and Star Man.
- Changes made to the player physics in order to make it more like the original games.
- Slide speed slightly reduced for player(s), now matches the slide speed in MM4.
- You can now see the remaining lives and e-tanks during gameplay.
- Added weakness and resistance to certain special weapons for enemies in the game.
- Opening up the Quick Menu to change weapons now pauses the game.
- Added the "Ready" text that is displayed when entering a stage in the original games.
- Extended the intro movie for the game somewhat, also improved artwork used at the end of the intro, as well as some of the scenes in the movie.
- Default keyboard controls for P1 changed.
- Tweaked animation speed for the playable characters.
- Tweaks made to some of Proto Man's sprites, he now looks slightly less like a copy & paste version of Mega Man.
- Changed how the overlays for life energy and weapon energy look.
- Fixed a couple of texturing issues on the Stage Select screen.
- Changed the look of the teleporters on the Stage Select screen, also moved them slightly closer together.
- Changed the look of the things that produce Big Bubbles in Splash Woman's stage.
- Fixed the position of the "Get Weapon" image that is shown after defeating a Robot Master. Before it was slightly too much to the right.
- Improved the look of the "Get weapon" images.
- Improved the Mega Man portrait that can be seen on the stage select screen.
- Improved a couple of textures in Shadow Man's stage.
- Made the spikes in Quick Man's brighter in order to make them easier to spot, especially in co-op where the camera is more zoomed out.
- Added a shortcut in Shadow Man's co-op stage that you can take if you have acquired the Laser Trident special weapon.
- "Prewalk" to "Walk" speed decreased to make the playable characters feel less sluggish.
- Search Snake can no longer travel on water surfaces (No more jesus snakes).
- Minor changes made to the height of ladders in certain stages in order to match the improved player physics.
- Added the smaller explosions/sparks that can be seen over the main explosions when a player takes damage.
- Shrank hitbox for powerup items slightly, you need to get slightly closer to them then before in order to pick them up.
- Fixed an issue in Splash Woman's stage where the player inherited the speed of the moving water platforms.
- Replaced the tracks used in the game with higher quality versions of the tracks, for example the title theme, boss theme, stage clear theme, Snake Man's stage theme, Shadow Man's stage theme and others.
- Tweaked the player spawn locations and camera starting positions for the checkpoints in all of our stages, in order to avoid the jarring fast scrolling/zooming
that would occur for most of the checkpoints.
- Tweaked spawn positions for most of the enemies in Shadow Man single-player and co-op, some of them had a tendency to spawn a bit up in the air, which caused issues, especially with the Picketmanbull enemies, who would sometimes fall down and get stuck in the ground.
- Tweaked the animation speed for explosion used when a player or a robot master is destroyed, they are now closer to the original games.
- Camera is slightly more zoomed in during the Snake Man boss fight in single-player.
- Replaced some sound effects used in the game with higher quality versions.
- Splash Woman's laser trident attack now does more damage to the player than before.
- Improvements made to Shadow Man single-player and co-op boss hallway and boss room. These now have walls on the sides, making them look more like the boss hallways and boss room in the other stages
- Fixed issue with an invisible wall in Shadow Man single-player.
- Increased the delay for two of the quick beams during the second quick beam part of Quick Man single-player, to ensure that it is still possible to grab the e-tank in that part even though the sliding speed of the player(s) has been reduced slightly.
- Changed the default starting portrait of the stage select screen to the middle portrait (Mega Man's face) instead of Shadow Man in the upper left corner like before.
- Tweaked the amount of damage that the enemies do to the player(s).
- Fixed issue where the Octone enemy in Splash Woman's stage would flash during an animation.
- Three of the ladders during the moving water platform parts of Splash Woman's single-player tweaked. It's no longer possible to jump to them before making use of all the moving water platforms.
- Changed the door textures for Quick Man's stage and Splash Woman's stage, they now use the original door textures from their respective stages.
- Improved camera for Shadow Man single-player, it now does not scroll in Y position during some parts where this is not needed.
- Fixed issue with the Splash Woman boss fight where the first school of fish she summoned during the fight appeared too soon.

Beta V.3.0



- Minor texture tweaks made to Snake Man stages (Co-op and Single-Player)
- Fixed issue where Proto Man's grey color did not change when he changed to one of the special weapons.
- Tweaked color of the weapon energy meter the Search Snake special weapon.
- Tweaked color of the weapon energy meter the Shadow Blade special weapon.
- Tweaked a few sprites for [REDACTED].
- Fixed faulty explosion sprite that shows up when destroying an enemy.
- Added the 'hit' effect for the robot masters in the game, so that you get more of a visual feedback when hitting them.

- New co-op and single-player stages, Splash Woman & Quick Man.
- The E-tank in Shadow Man's single-player stage now requires Laser Trident (Splash Woman's weapon) to get.
- New special weapons, Laser Trident (Splash Woman) and Quick Boomerang (Quick Man)
- Tweaked the rising lava room part of Shadow Man co-op. It contained too many game mechanics and enemies earlier.
- Adjusted drop-rate for items.
- Camera moves faster.
- Weapon Energy levels remain through deaths.
- Added a new super fun awesome chocolately awesome code.
- [REDACTED] now crawls instead of sliding.
- The mid-life refills for weapon and life have been removed.
- The player projectiles (lemons) are now deleted instantly when no longer visible on screen.
- Shadow Man now drops from the ceiling instead of just popping into existence at the start of his boss fight.
- Rebalanced the damage that the buster does to the robot masters.
- Fixed issue with Snake Man's hitbox.
- Tweaked behavior for Shadow Man, he's more challenging now, and more like how he is in Mega Man 3.
- Implemented temporary boss weaknesses for Beta 3.0. Have fun figuring them out!
- Changed the hitbox for spikes in the game, they are now more like the ones you'd see in the original games, in other words more forgiving than what we had before.
- Changed the achievements.
- Fixed problem where not binding certain controls could cause the game to crash when taking damage.
- Fixed a camera problem in Snake Man co-op.

Beta V.2.0.1



- Reworked controller support, d-pad, right analogue stick, triggers and rumble on Xbox 360 controllers now fully funcional.
- Reworked player physics while on moving platforms (raft and snakes).
- Now possible to ascend/descend ladders while holding UP/DOWN at the same time as LEFT/RIGHT (just like in the original games).
- Holding down UP and DOWN or LEFT and RIGHT at the same time now cancel each other out so that the player doesn't move.
- Now possible to slide while in pre-walk animation (like in the original games).
- Sliding now ends at full speed, rather than as if the player just started moving (mimics the original games).
- Shooting while on a ladder without pressing left or right now uses the last used direction to decide in which direction to shoot (previously you always shot to the left).
- Ladder dismounting tweaked to match the original games.
- Player 2 now jumping as high as Player 1 when standing on top of each other on the moving platforms during the Big Snakey sections.

- Various enemy sprite offset tweaks so that enemies now walk on the ground instead above or in it.
- E-tank in Snake Mans SP stage now has the correct rotation.
- Weapon images above the characters when changing weapons were really blurry, replaced with new images.
- Pausing the game on a screen with a vanishing block would always cause the block being displayed even if it wasn't visible when paused.
- Proto Man's ladder animation sped up to match the speed of Mega Man's.
- Slightly improved color palettes for powerup items.
- New titlescreens.
- Proto man is now red instead of green at the beginning of teleporting in co-op mode.
- Player characters now use the correct attack animation when using a weapon and then quickly turning around.
- Texture tweaks made to all existing stages as well as the stage/boss select 3D-model.

- Splash and intro video now use the sfx volume setting instead of the music volume setting.
- Entering the audio sub menu in-game and then going back to the main menu no longer causes the music to restart.
- Pausing the game while the life refill sound was playing would cause the sound to loop whiled paused.
- Volume slider setting slowed down since it was way too fast.
- Volume slider does not loop around any longer.
- Volume changes now take effect immediately instead of when you quit the audio menu.
- Damage SFX no longer playing when bosses are hit during invulnerability period.

- Overhealing using the E-tank is no longer possible (sorry Dr. Light!).
- No longer possible to use E-tank while having a full health bar.
- You now get to keep the E-tanks if you die.

- Snake Man freezing during the boss fight aka "Connection to Wily server dropped" fixed.
- Snake Man's search snakes no longer get stuck on the door to the boss room.
- Hitting Shadow Man while his life is filling up no longer causes him to freeze.
- Sliding into a Walking Bomb now shows the correct damage animation for the player.
- Double spawning enemies fixed, sometimes you'd get "double" enemeis where you could kill one enemy and another was still left in the exact same position as the first one.
- Added grease to walls to prevent Dadas climbing them, prevented invasion.

- Ladder teleporting fixed.
- You no longer start with 7 instances of the Search Snake weapon.
- Players are no longer able to push the raft around in co-op.
- Going back to the main menu from a sub menu while in-game would cause the game to unpause with the menu still visible on screen.
- Player is now facing right in single-player mode.
- Players are now facing away from each other in co-op mode.
- Camera tweaked for all boss hallways to better mimic the original games.
- Changed it so that the doors to the boss hallways and boss rooms open only when standing very close to them.
- Player Shadow Blade weapon had a short diagonal reach, now increased to match the original game.
- Game crashed in windowed mode if you switched to another window during the intro video, now the video is cancelled and you are returned to the main menu.
- Selecting "Stage select" in single-player game over screen alternates to co-op mode.
- Cancelling a stage not correctly clearing all stage data, fixed.
- Application shown as beta 1.0.1 in task manager, now displays correct version.
- Controls now working correctly on the achivement screen.
- Changes made to the stage 3D-models to ensure that the player(s) can no longer stand up while they are in the process of sliding through gaps.
- Probably a bunch of smaller bugs and tweaks that we forgot to document but nonetheless are fixed :-)


Beta V.2.0


- New co-op stage, Snake Man.

- Single-player mode featuring two stages, Shadow Man and Snake Man.

- Two available special weapons - Shadow Blade and Search Snake.

- New fully original song for the stage and character select screen, from Sebastian Valck ("Warheart")

- Improved compability.

- Music switch in options, choose between Classic and Remixed music for the stages.

- Tweaked healthpoints for certain enemies in Shadow Man's stage.

- Adjusted colors for certain enemies in Shadow Man's stage, most noticably Mechakero which is now purple instead of orange.

- Improved collision detection and player physics.

- Shadow Man co-op stage is better optimized in Beta 2.0.




Beta V.1.0.1


- Switched the game from XNA hiDef to Reach. The game now runs on a lot of PC's that had trouble running it before.
- Game no longer starts in the lowest supported resolution by default.
- Directx no longer needs to be installed in order to start the game.
- Fixed an issue with the first checkpoint in the stage, where the players spawned in the wrong part of the stage.
- Fixed an issue where getting hit while sliding caused the game to crash.

- Fixed an issue with Mechakero placement in the first big room of the stage where one player takes the upper path, and the other player takes the lower path. The player that takes the lower path now has to defeat two Mechakero to proceed. Before, due to the faulty placement, these Mechakero simply jumped into the lava.

- A few minor texture tweaks in Shadow Man's stage.

- Fixed issue with how the lives work in the game.

- Fixed issue with the default control mapping, they make more sense now.